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Cruise Industry Defense Lawyers

List of Cruise Industry Defense Lawyers Lawyers Who Defended The Cruise Industry During Lawsuits Cruise Laws

Cruise Industry Defense Lawyers - The 'A' Team

The lawyers listed below have defended cruise industry cruise lines in past cases brought against the cruise line by passengers, crew members, staff or officers. This is the 'A' team, those lawyers who fight to ensure only valid claims are answered by the cruise industry and where the blame for an incident is shared by multiple parties as a percentage, the cruise line only pays their fair share as determined by the court. The outstanding performance by the cruise industry defense team helps keep prices for passengers as low as possible and protects share holders profits where the cruise line is a public company. These lawyers do NOT represent plaintiffs filing against the cruise industry, as of this date.

The list of cruise line attorneys below is a partial list.

Carnival Cruise Lines - Defense Lawyers
Donnise Annette DeSouza
John Michael Magee

Clinton & Muzyka, P.C. - Defense Lawyers
Terence G. Kenneally
Thomas J Muzyka

Cole Scott & Kissane Rachel Kate Beige

Foreman Friedman, PA - Defense Lawyers
Amanda Jane Freilich
Darren Wayne Friedman
Jeffrey Eric Foreman
Noah Daniel Silverman
Rachael Mitchell Fagenson
Jerry Dean Hamilton

Hamilton Miller & Birthisel LLP - Defense Lawyers
Douglas Elias Ede
Hector Virgilio Ramirez
Jennifer Quildon Miller
Jerry Dean Hamilton

Horr, Novak & Skipp, P.A. - Defense Lawyers
Abigail Lewis-Fishkin
Nicholas Allen Applin
Daniel Scott Marcotte
David James Horr

Junge & Mele Llp
Armand P. Mele

Maltzman and Partners PA - Defense Lawyers
Jeffrey Bradford Maltzman
Steve Holman

Mase Lara, PA - Defense Lawyers
Cameron Wayne Eubanks
Curtis Jay Mase
Jennifer Nicole Hernandez
Lauren E DeFabio
Richard David Lara
Sarah De Flesco
Scott P. Mebane
Thomas Dennis Alan Briggs
Valentina M. Tejera

McAlpin conroy, P.A. - Defense Lawyers
Kassandra Cecilia Doyle

Nielsen Shields - Defense Lawyers
Asia N. Wright
Louis A Shields

Norwegian Cruise Line - Defense Lawyers
Debra Rolnick
Geoffrey Edward Probst
Gilda M. Chavez

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd - Defense Lawyers
Amanda Lesley Jacobs
Bryan Edward Probst
John Joseph Quick
Leah H. Martinez
Richard James McAlpin

Gabrielle Lyn D'Alemberte - Defense Lawyers
The D'Alemberte Trial Firm, P.A.

The cruise line lawsuits found on Cruise Laws are not intended to provide legal advice on maritime law. Cruise laws is for cruising research only, providing actual, unedited court case documents, accessed via the Freedom Of Information Act and are provided without commentary, opinion or judgement. Cases posted are not intended to point blame at any person or entity and may not show the final judgement nor appeals placed after initial judgement in any particular case. The court case documents provided within Cruise Laws are for historical, public awareness of the issues facing the cruise industry, cruise ship passengers and cruise ship crew members. Current and past case documents which may tell more of the facts in a case, can be found in other court documents. Due diligence with further research in a case is required by the visitor in order to decide who is really at fault (if anyone) in a particular case. All cases provided were filed by qualified legal professionals and are the exact wording in their filings, without modification of any kind by Cruise Laws.