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Florida Maritime Lawyers

Florida Bar Maritime Lawyers Florida Bar Board Certified Admiralty and Maritime Lawyers

While all lawyers are allowed to advertise, only certified attorneys are allowed to identify themselves as "Florida Bar Board Certified" or as a "specialist." Certification is the highest level of recognition by The Florida Bar of the competency and experience of attorneys in the areas of law approved for certification by the Supreme Court of Florida.

A lawyer who is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar and who meets the standards prescribed by the state's Supreme Court, may become a "Board Certified Admiralty and Maritime Lawyer."

The following lawyers are the ONLY Florida Bar Certified Admiralty and Maritime Lawyers (as of March 1, 2017) According to the Florida Bar.

Adam B. Cooke
Allan Richard Kelley
Allen Kuno Von Spiegelfeld
Andrew Douglas Craven
Andrew L Waks
Anthony John Cuva
Barbara A Cook
Brian Patrick Hill
C. Ryan M. Eslinger
Carlos Felipe Llinas Negret
Carl Richard Nelson
Charles Gullette De Leo
Charles Stuart Davant
Christopher R. Koehler
Craig Patrick Liszt
David Avellar Neblett
David Frank Pope
David William McCreadie
Eric Christopher Thiel
F David Famulari
Ford John Fegert
Frank Joseph Sioli Jr.
George Oles Mitchell
Gerald A McGill
Gerard J Sullivan Jr.
Howard T Sutter
Jacob John Munch
James F Moseley Jr.
James Norford Hurley

Jason Robert Margulies
Jennifer Patricia Brooks
Jerry Dean Hamilton
Joanne Mary Foster
John H Hickey
John Howard Thomas
John W Keller III
John W Merting
Jonathan Hernandez
Keith Steven Brais
Mark Jeffrey Buhler
Mark Robin Ercolin
Matthew John Valcourt
Michael Charles Black
Michael Duke Eriksen
Michael T Moore
Michael William McLeod
Michelle Otero Valdes
Patricia Kathleen Olney
Phillip Arthur Buhler
Raul Julio Chacon Jr.
Richard Dennis Rusak
Richard James McAlpin
Robert Alexander Craven
Robert Louis Gardana
Stephen Manning Moon
Theresa Montalbano Bennett
Tonya J. Meister
William Edward Cassidy

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